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SoundYard Studios

Brand New Recording Studio, with world class facilities. Writing, recording,mixing and mastering facilities.


Here at Sound Yard Studios we have a track record of composing world class music in all genres, from twisted electro to orchestral. Get in touch to about using this studio for your next project


XY Earthworks QTC40'sWe have a large live room that can accomodate small to medium ensembles:

Kit List:


Senheiser 421 x2

Telefunken AR70

Shure Sm57 x 2

Earthworks QTC40 x2

AKG 414 x2

Audix D6

Sontronics STC-1s X2


Neve 4081 4 channel mic Pre  

Chandler TG2 DUal mic pre

SSL Alpha Channel Mic pre dynamics and EQ

SPL Gold mic dual tube pre

Dacs Micamp 2

Lynx Aurora 16x16 Card

Elysia Mcompressor

TOFT 16 channel desk

Unity Rocks with Avalance Sub, 



Availble to Mix your project, 

Protools HD11

Waves bundle


Izotope RX, Insight Ozone 6


Slate digital trigger/ Virtual mix rack 

Numerous Kontakt Sample libaries including Output sounds Rev/Signal/Exhale









Get in touch to find out about bespoke music creation for your new project


2018 Latest releases


Music on the Marvel Blockbuster film Logan

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